The New Deal / by Joshua Guess

As you can see, I've built a new website. Squarespace made it easy, and no, they aren't paying me to say that. I just hate the maintenance and problems that come with hosting a site and making it myself, so I'm pretty happy with this. But this post isn't just about that, it's about a bunch of stuff. 

First, as you can see on the side there, is my Patreon. For those who don't know, Patreon is a site that lets people pay a monthly or per-item amount to a creator to support their work. Many Patreon creators take advantage of the tiered system of rewards and backer levels to dole out stuff to backers based on how much they pay. And that's fine; I have no issue with it. That's just not what I want to do. Instead I'm using it solely (for now) as a means of letting my hardcore supporters and readers back me and my work. I'm not dangling my writing over your head and hiding it behind a paywall. 

In return for your backing, however, I am going to do a lot more than just put out books. Which is the other part of this post. 

Up at the top of this site, you'll see a link to 'Free Online Stories', which opens up to a sub menu containing a link to a separate blog hosted here. It will be joined very shortly by more blogs, and it will be in those sections that I'll be writing parts of new stories. One of them will be a sort of continuation of Living With the Dead, though it's not planned to be an entire new storyline like the old blog was. That may change once I begin writing it. I never planned to write seven books worth of material on the blog when I started, after all. 

The section titled Next is going to be a repository of all the new stuff I write in the world of The Next Chronicle, my superhuman series, that aren't actual books in the series. This is where things get tricky. 

While I will absolutely keep these things up on the site, free to read for all of you while I'm writing them, at some point once I'm done I'll have to take them down. The reason is because to include them in Kindle Unlimited--which I make most of my money on at this point--they have to be exclusive to Amazon. So what I'm going to do is write a post in those blogs (LWtD will probably never be collected and sold, so it doesn't count) after each individual story is done, telling you I'm about to take them down in x number of days. 

I have plans for a LOT of serialized material here, far beyond the various Next and LWtD stories. I have ideas for a separate superhero tale, some science fiction stuff, lots of things. I'm also still going to be working on my novels. Basically I'm adding a ton of stuff to my workload. 

The idea is to attract new readers through word of mouth, which means you guys. Everyone who reads these serialized stories, each section of which will be between half and a full chapter, will have the chance to fall in love with characters and share with people. I really hope you do, because the market has been tough this year. Really, the last few years. 

That's why I'm changing things up. That's why I've restarted my Patreon. That's why there's a donate button on this site. Because despite what fiction likes to tell us about writers all having money, it's not a given. I've put out 4 full-length novels in the last year, and haven't made as much money from them in that time as I did from the first 4 months of sales from Victim Zero alone. 

I'm not blaming anyone. That's just the way it goes. A huge part of this is because the Kindle eBook market has exploded in size. When I put out the first LWtD collection, there were just under 700,000 books there. Now there are 5,000,000. That's a gigantic increase, making it much harder for my books to be seen. 

That's it for now. Check back here regularly for updates, though any new posts I write here on the main blog or in the serial fiction parts will be shared on my Facebook Page. It's the best place to keep up with news. Also consider signing up for my mailing list, which I ONLY use to send out notifications about new books. Which is to say it's never, ever spammy and won't clutter your inbox. At the absolute outside, you might get a handful of emails from me in a year. 

I'm looking forward to seeing how you all like the new site and the new stories.