My Entire Zombie Series For FREE / by Josh Guess

Hello! For those of you who have never been here before, my name is Joshua Guess. I write things.

Primarily, I write a blog called Living With the Dead. It's a fictional blog told in real time and set in the zombie apocalypse. Since March of 2010, I've been writing an alternate reality there based on my life. Basically, I write a story and give it away for free.

But I also sell them on the Kindle store, where I am currently exclusive. Why would people pay for what they can get for free? Several reasons. Some folks enjoy LWtD and want to support me as an artist. Some people enjoy the convenience of having easy-to-read versions on their Kindle, smartphone, or Kindle program for PC. A few enjoy the bonus material I've included in a couple of the books.

Starting Saturday morning (June 9), and running through the 13th, you don't have to make the choice. Because for those five days, every LWtD book is free on the Kindle store. Yep, the entire series so far. Now you can read through the blog in six month increments at your convenience. The links are:

Living With the Dead: With Spring Comes The Fall (Book 1, covers the first six months)

Living With the Dead: The Bitter Seasons (Book 2, covers the second six months)

Living With the Dead: Year One (Combines Books 1 and 2, has five short stories, a lovely novella, and some behind-the scenes stuff from me)

Living With the Dead: The Hungry Land ( Book 3, covers the first six months of year two)

Living With the Dead: The Wild Country ( Book 4, covers the second six months of year two)

I'd love for all of you to grab all five. If you decide to get year one, it won't hurt a thing to also get books one and two as well. They aren't huge, and every download can help me in the rankings.

PLEASE BE AWARE: these collections are largely unedited. That's intentional, as I wanted to convey a sense of realism and urgency. The fictional me in the story doesn't have time to worry about making sure every single thing is perfect. That being said, sometime down the road I'll be paying an editor to do some cleanup. Because while people understand my reasoning, it still bugs them. Hell, it bugs me.

Also, I'm planning on releasing a "Year Two" compilation with the release of book 5 in the fall, and I've got a contest going--The Write Away Contest--that you may be interested in. If so, click on the link and check it out.

Thanks to each and every one of you. Please share and tell your friends.

Oh--and welcome to my world.