My Genre is Fiction / by Josh Guess

As some of you may know, I write an almost daily fictional blog set in the zombie apocalypse, told in real time. It's called Living With the Dead, and the collection of it I have available on the Kindle store and on the NOOK, which gather the first six months of the blog, are by FAR my best sellers. 

Living With the Dead (LWtD) began as a writing exercise, basically daily practice to strengthen my skills and to make me a better writer in general, as well as helping me get used to writing A) a lot, B) every day and C) multiple projects at once. 

I think it did its job. I managed to buckle down and finish my debut novel, which is available on the Kindle and the NOOK. It's an epic fantasy and the first in a series, totally different than LWtD in style and tone. 

Right now, I'm working on a Vampire novel that can best be described as real life, but with vampires. By that I mean that the only tone I'm going for is how real life is--scary, sometimes very funny, with sex and love peppered throughout. It's a fun project on its own, and writing it comes much more easily than anything I've done yet. 

And there's the point of this post: I have a ton of ideas for stories, many already in the early stages of outlining and development of canon. At least a dozen ideas for novels, ranging from thriller/suspense to more epic fantasy to literary fiction. I mean, look at what I've already done: I write zombie survival fiction, a fantasy story, and vampire erotica/romance/comedy. 

I think a big part of being a writer for me is being totally behind the story. I think too many people focus on where the story itself falls within the confines of how others see it. I just don't care if someone says, "Oh, he writes zombie fiction, so his fantasy must suck out loud." It's just not a part of my makeup to really care about that type of thing. 

For me, it's about having an idea that you just have to work on, developing that into a story to tell. It's about taking that kernel of inspiration and applying liberal amounts of creative heat and watching is spring out into something bigger. 

Something tastier. Damn, but I made myself hungry for popcorn just then. 

So, if you want to check out my work and see if I manage to tell different kinds of stories well, then please check out my books on the Kindle or the Nook. Making money is important to me, as a means of making a better life for my wife and I, but just as important is that you, the reader, genuinely enjoys the experience we share. I build my worlds and tend them with new efforts so that you might find enjoyment from them. 

I just don't see how some authors can stick to one genre. I like the different textures of them too much as a reader to ignore them as a writer. Love, fear, mystery, hope, humor, awe and amazement...I want to try my hand with all of them.