Cue the Villain laugh! / by Josh Guess

I meant to post a blog entry before now, but as all the cursed luck would have it, I've been sick. So sick, in fact, that I've basically just been laying in bed or on the couch for the last few days, incapable of much else but...well, laying there. I'm still pretty sick, but looking at the screen of my laptop doesn't make me want to vomit anymore, which I chalk up as a win.

To get right into the meat of it: December was an AWESOME month for me, sales wise. Between my Kindle and Nook sales I pulled in a total of more than four hundred bucks. But Josh, you might ask, confusion in your voice, didn't you only make seventy dollars the month before?

Why, yes I did, faithful reader. Which is why December was AWESOME.

In November I sold a total of 33 copies of my Living With the Dead collection, whereas I managed a whopping 149 in December, almost five times as many. I managed to eke out 18 copies of my novel, but I will get to that in a minute...

Part of why sales picked up in the last two weeks of the month obviously had something to do with the holidays. Also, as more people bought, the more links it gained to other purchases. Sales build that way. At least, on the Kindle store they do. I'm referencing my numbers there for this blog, and ignoring my sales on the Nook, except that I added the total revenues from the Nook into my monthly income. Nook sales are hard to track because of the horrible system Barnes and Noble uses, so it's much easier if I just ignore them for the most part...

My debut novel isn't selling at all, for two reasons. The first is the price. Six dollars is just too steep for most of the eBook buying public, at least for an indie writer who doesn't have name recognition to back up that price point. The second is the cover.

If you were to see the painting the cover is scanned from in person, you would probably be impressed. It's pretty, and well done. It's also pretty much impossible to scan well, it always comes out darker than I want. It just doesn't pop, doesn't look professional, which is one of the things I have been warned about. Hell, I have given warning about that myself.

So, I'm having a new one made. New artist, all digital, and with color. I will likely be dropping the price as well, to see if that helps draw in new readers. I thought I would feel bad about not selling very many copies of my novel, but given how well my sales are going in general, I can't complain.

Oh, and right now, at eight in the morning on the fourth of January, I have sold 31 copies of my LWtD collection. That's a way better daily average than I've had lately...and with my ad going up on Kindleboards on Jan. 11, I see good things in the near future...

As for the title of this post? I can't help but see success over the horizon, and feel this amazing surge of victory inside...which makes my inner Snidely Whiplash go "MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"