Updates and Planned Releases / by Josh Guess

Well, so far this month has been simply amazing for me. I'm not selling like Amanda Hocking or anything, but I couldn't be happier with how everything is going.

Sales for all of last month totaled just over $400 dollars between Amazon and Barnes & Noble. I beat that late Saturday of this week, which for those of you keeping score was the fifteenth, or just less than halfway through the month. Sales of LWtD: With Spring Comes The Fall are just short of 200 units for the month, beating the pants off the 149 of them I sold in Dec. I'm very, very happy about this! It's way more than I expected to happen this quickly, and my heartfelt appreciation goes out to every reader and buyer who has supported me.

In other news...I'm on Goodreads now, as an author, so when you review and rate my stuff, I get made aware of it. I'm hoping to make some new friends and readers there, and maybe even get my name out there. I'm also having a discussion with a few other Indie authors about working on a project together...but that's a later post.

I want to let everyone know what's in store over the next few months. Until the end of February, I will be working like a madman trying to keep Living With the Dead going strong while I work on my current book. This book will require very little in the way of editing, I hope. At least, not the massive project that my first novel was. This is due to what kind of novel it is--a fast, fun contemporary fantasy, told in a voice so much like my own that it might as well be. It's easy for me to write, and is at the same time funny, erotic, awkward, exciting, and packed with action. You might even say "action-packed".

It's paranormal romance, I guess, but not your typical story like Twilight. It's more real to me, since so much of t is based on real things in my life. I don't want to tell the whole story here, so I'll stop. Let me just say that it's something I think a LOT of people will love to read. It's super fun and the characters might be some of my best.

So, that book (hereafter simply referred to as my "vampire book" since I haven't decided on a title yet) will hopefully be ready to go by the first week of March, which is good because I'm also putting out...

The next six month installment of Living With the Dead. This one has several tentative titles, but I won't be sharing them just yet. It's going to pick up right where "With Spring Comes The Fall" left off, and continue the story from there. It will also be available for a mere $2.99, so save up the cost of a few cups of coffee for it. That is unless you'd like to splurge on....

Living With the Dead: Year One

Yeah, I am excited about this in a major way. This will collect "With Spring Comes The Fall" and the second (untitled, the one I wrote about above) six month collection in one volume. Each of the six month collections are $2.99 on their own, but YEAR ONE isn't going to be $5.99, to match that. Oh, no. It's going to be priced at 4.99, saving a dollar from the cost of buying each of the six month installments! And wait, THERE'S MORE!

Yes, Year One is going to include some bonus material. Some behind the scenes info about the series and the daily process that goes on to make it. Some facts and canon that can't be found anywhere but in my head, such as how the zombie plague actually works and other neat items. The best part is that there will be a bunch of short stories added in! I wanted to do some stuff set in the LWTD universe but not written in blog form (a nice change of pace, I thought), so I will be writing some short stories for Year One, and a few other people will be contributing as well. I don't want to minimize their work, so I will be doing a whole post on here about the folks contributing short stories to Year One in a week or two. Keep your eyes peeled for that--I really lucked out and got some talented folks to agree to help me out.

So, for right now that's all I got. I'm working on putting out each individual month of LWtD on Kindle and Nook, but I don't know how much time I will have to do that since I'm so busy with other things. If demand spikes, I will put some time aside to do it, but for now I will work on them when I can.

Remember that even sharing links to my work or my sites helps me out, so please do that if you can. I'm doing as well as I am only because of you guys!